Album Name: 'Do You Wanna Ride?'
Adina Howard 'Do You Wanna Ride?'
Artist Name: Adina Howard
Category: R & B
Country: United States
Released Year: 1995
Do You Wanna Ride is the lackluster debut release from Michigan native Adina Howard. Although the album includes the somewhat catchy 1995 hit single "Freak Like Me," there's not much more to recommend the album.
The main problem with Do You Wanna Ride is more work was put into the production than into the songwriting. The employment of several producers for various songs doesn't mask Adina Howard's inability to move beyond the basic R&B bump-and-grind clichès of "Freak Like Me," and her limited vocal range doesn't allow her to soar above the mediocre material.
Judging from the album's cover photograph, it's obvious Adina Howard relies too much on a sexy image instead of true talent. Listeners weren't fooled; "Freak Like Me" was the only hit from the album, and her 1997 follow-up Welcome to Fantasy Island wasn't even released.

Lyrics Titles:
  • You Got Me Humpin'
  • Freak Like Me
  • If We Make Love Tonight
  • I Wants Ta Eat
  • You Can Be My Nigga
  • It's All About You
  • Let's Go to da Sugarshack
  • Do You Wanna Ride
  • You Don't Have to Cry
  • My up and Down
  • Horny for Your Love
  • Coolin' in the Studio
  • Baby Come Over

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