Album Name: St. Anger
Metallica St. Anger
Artist Name: Metallica
Category: Metal
Country: United States
Released Year: 2003
St. Anger is the eighth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica. Released on June 5, 2003, this album marks the longest time span between studio albums from Metallica, with the nearly six years between the release of ReLoad and St. Anger. St. Anger is the first Metallica album since Master of Puppets to not feature long-time bassist Jason Newsted, due to his departure from the band prior to the recording of the album.

Lyrics Titles:

1. Frantic
2. St. Anger
3. Some Kind of Monster
4. Dirty Window
5. Invisible Kid
6. My World
7. Shoot Me Again
8. Sweet Amber
9. The Unnamed Feeling
10. Purify
11. All Within My Hands

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