Album Name: queen
Queen queen
Artist Name: Queen
Category: Rock
Country: England
Released Year: 1974
Description: Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, John Anthony and Queen Engineered by Roy Baker, Mike Stone, Ted Sharpe, Dave Hentschel.

Cover Concept by Freddie, Brian and Douglas Puddifoot

Freddie Mercury : Vocals,Piano
Brian May : Guitars,Piano,Vocals
Deacon John : Bass Guitar
Roger Meddows-Taylor : Percussion,Vocals
... and nobody played synthesizer.

Recommended Songs : Keep Yourself Alive (May), My Fairy King (Mercury), Liar (Mercury)


This was the first of Queens studio albums which I ever purchased back in 1992, and it lead me to go on and buy the rest, so it must have been good.

This is Queen's 1973 debut album and is probably one of their their most underrated album of that decade. At this stage, Queen had signed a deal with Trident and they had many musical ideas which they were trying out on the album. The ' Queen I ' album was recorded during studio off time, when the studio was not being used by more well-founded artists. Also, this was Freddies first opportunity to avail of a full size piano. Already in this album you can hear Brian May's orchestrated guitar harmonies, the multi-tracked vocal harmonies, imaginative lyrics and musical dynamics which could change from heavy rock to a piano ballad in seconds.

Most tracks on the album probably not as well known as the band's later material, the album is a very good listen from beginning to end - the most well known track on the album is probably "Keep Yourself Alive" which featured on some singles and foreign compilations.

Some quotes from the eara when Queen was released :

"Far above-average rock set from British band, featuring powerful lead vocals from Freddie Mercury and superb guitar work, acoustic and electric, from Brian May." - Billboard 1973

Lyrics Titles:
1)Keep Yourself Alive
2)Doing All Right
3)Great King Rat
4)My Fairy King
7)Modern Times Rock'N'Roll
8)Son And Daughter
10)Seven Seas Of Rhye...

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