Album Name: Classic queens
Queen Classic queens
Artist Name: Queen
Category: Rock
Country: England
Released Year: 1992
Queen: Brian May (vocals, guitar); Freddie Murcury (vocals, piano); John Deacon (bass); Roger Taylor (drums, vocals). Additional personnel: David Bowie (vocals). Producers: Queen, Roy Thomas Baker, Mack, David Richards, David Bowie.

Running Time : 74:22
Recommended Songs : A Kind Of Magic, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hammer To Fall, Tie Your Mother Down, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Who Wants To Live Forever


Classic Queen basicall the Queen Greatest Hits release for the USA. It was actually issued in order to capitalize on the sudden interest in Queen in the United States following the release of the movie Wayne's World, and also after Freddies death in November 1991.

It didn't do too well in the states as some found that it overlapped too much with other compilations which were also available. However, it is an excellent collection but surprisingly is missing songs like 'We Are the Champions' and 'Fat Bottomed Girls' but it doesn't take away from the album too much.

There are plenty of Queen compilation CD out there, its only a matter of choosing the one which takes your fancy. Personally I wouldn't mind buying this particular CD mainly in that many of the songs are the Edit versions which is different from other compilations where the album version is used.

Lyrics Titles:
1) A Kind Of Magic
2) Bohemian Rhapsody
3) Under Pressure
4) Hammer to Fall
5) Stone Cold Crazy
6) One Year Of Love
7) Radio Ga Ga
8) I'm Going Slightly Mad
9) I Want It All
10) Tie Your Mother Down
11) The Miracle
12) These Are The Days Of Our Lives
13) One Vision
14) Keep Yourself Alive
15) Headlong
16) Who Wants To Live Forever
17) The Show Must Go On

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