Album Name: Battle Hymns
Manowar Battle Hymns
Artist Name: Manowar
Category: Metal
Country: United States
Released Year: 1982
Description: The masters of fist-pumping, chest-pounding fantasy metal first scorched the earth with their recorded debut, BATTLE HYMNS. Epic tracks such as "Dark Avenger" and "Battle Hymn" are only barely matched in impact by the blistering solo bass piece "William's Tell." First released in 1982, the album set the archetype for what would later develop into a genre unto itself: power metal.

Lyrics Titles:
1. "Death Tone" (Ross the Boss, Joey DeMaio) – 4:48
2. "Metal Daze" (DeMaio) – 4:18
3. "Fast Taker" (Ross the Boss, DeMaio) – 3:56
4. "Shell Shock" (Ross the Boss, DeMaio) – 4:04
5. "Manowar" (Ross the Boss, DeMaio) – 3:35
6. "Dark Avenger" (Ross the Boss, DeMaio) – 6:20
7. "William's Tale" (DeMaio, Gioachino Rossini) – 1:52
8. "Battle Hymn" (Ross the Boss, DeMaio) – 6:55

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