Album Name: Fighting The World
Manowar Fighting The World
Artist Name: Manowar
Category: Metal
Country: United States
Released Year: 1987
Description: Fighting the World is an album released by Manowar on 1987 (see 1987 in music). This was the first Manowar album to feature artwork by long-time collaborator Ken Kelly, and also the first heavy metal album to be recorded and mixed entirely on digital equipment.

Lyrics Titles:
1. "Fighting the World" 3:46
2. "Blow Your Speakers" 3:36
3. "Carry On" 4:08
4. "Violence and Bloodshed" 3:59
5. "Defender" 6:01
6. "Drums of Doom" 1:18
7. "Holy War" 4:40
8. "Master of Revenge" 1:30
9. "Black Wind, Fire and Steel" 5:17

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