Album Name: The Triumph of Steel
Manowar The Triumph of Steel
Artist Name: Manowar
Category: Metal
Country: United States
Released Year: 1992
Description: The Triumph of Steel was released in 1992 by Manowar. It is the only Manowar album to feature David Shankle and Rhino. Cover art by Ken Kelly.

Lyrics Titles:
1."Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts" (Joey DeMaio) 28:38
2. "Metal Warriors" (DeMaio) 3:54
3. "Ride the Dragon" (David Shankle, DeMaio) 4:33
4. "Spirit Horse of the Cherokee" (DeMaio) 6:02
5. "Burning" (Shankle, DeMaio) 5:10
6. "The Power of Thy Sword" (DeMaio) 7:51
7. "The Demon's Whip" (DeMaio) 7:50
8. "Master of the Wind" (Shankle, DeMaio) 5:26

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