Album Name: Cold Dog Soup
Guy Clark Cold Dog Soup
Artist Name: Guy Clark
Category: Country Music
Country: United States
Released Year: 1999
Description: Cold Dog Soup, released in 1999, is his most recent album. Clark hasn't released a large number of albums since his 1975 debut with Old No. 1, but what he lacks in quantity he more than makes up for in quality. Clark works slowly and with strict attention to detail, but he has produced an impressive collection of timeless gems, leaving very little waste behind. He approaches writing music the way writers of a literary nature approach writing. He has the writer's habit of scribbling phrases and ideas for songs on whatever scrap of paper is at hand.

Lyrics Titles:

1. Cold Dog Soup
2. Fort Worth Blues
3. Sis Draper
4. Ain't No Trouble to Me
5. Water Under the Bridge
6. Forever, for Always, for CertainĀ 
7. Men Will Be Boys
8. Indian Head Penny
9. Bunkhouse Blues
10. Red RiverĀ 
11. Die Tryin'
12. Be Gone Forever

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