Album Name: Scoundrel Days
A-ha Scoundrel Days
Artist Name: A-ha
Category: Pop
Country: Norway
Released Year: 1986

FRANCE: 355 984 copies sold (at 30/09/03)
Platinum: Gold Record in 1987 (100.000 albums) and platinum in 1987. His best position in the Top Album: No. 7. 12 weeks in the Top Albums.

NORWAY: 160,000 albums
Platinum (sales exceeding 50,000 copies), this album has sold 160,000 copies height. This album has remained No. 1 in sales for 3 weeks and ranked No. 7 in 1986 and No. 20 in 1987. If this album had not been riding on two years (1986 and 1987), he still got a better rating.

UNITED KINGDOM: Between 300,000 and 600,000 albums
Platinum, or a minimum of 300,000 albums sold. This figure of 300,000 albums is minimal and does not include any new sales between 1986 and 2003. This album has reached the 2nd place in the TOP 75 and 29 weeks remained in the rankings!

SWITZERLAND: Over 50,000 Albums
Platinum, or a minimum of 50,000 albums sold. This album reached position No. 6 album sales and was ranked 15 consecutive weeks in the Top 30.

This album also sold well in other countries

Lyrics Titles:
  1. Scoundrel Days

  2. The Swing of Things

  3. I've Been Losing You

  4. October

  5. Manhattan Skyline

  6. Cry Wolf

  7. We're looking for the Whales

  8. The Weight of the Wind

  9. Maybe, Maybe

  10. Soft Rains of April

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